New image generation methods with text prompts like seen in DALL.E, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney have become more commonplace as well as open. We encourage you to use these tools with both a critical and creative mind to create images inspired by Munch. There is no monetary reward for this competition, yet we will display a selection of these images at our scientific conference, the Nordic AI Meet, on the 14th and 15th of November in Oslo. There will also be a small prize, a surprise for some of the participants at the conference.

The context for the competition is our scientific conference, the Nordic AI Meet, created to connect PhD students in the field of artificial intelligence. The venue is in the proximity of the Munch Museum, and that inspires us to give the participants and others in our community an opportunity to link the new technology trends with art.

  • For participants attending the conference: we want to invite you to submit an image to us that may use these image generation methods to capture your ideas or present your research for a lay person.

As the Munch Museum says:

"Edvard Munch was a restless innovator who was curious about modern technologies. Through his experimental approach to art, he explored every nuance of human existence. His dream was to share his art with society as a whole, not just with an exclusive elite of experts and art collectors."

We would like to think that Munch would have explored the use of these image generation tools had he been alive today.

This competition is hosted by and not the MUNCH Museum.

GENerative Art Competition
Prompt: "Edvard Munch using a smartphone to look at paintings by Edvard Munch in the style of Edvard Munch, in the ballroom with people dancing in the background"

Who can attend the symposium?
The general public proficient or interested in these tools can participate online by posting on social media with the hashtag #MunchAI.Registered participants of the Nordic AI Meet event can participate. To register for Nordic AI Meet, visit
Format of submission
Any square format image that can be shared on social media with decent quality.

Ideally around 500x500 px or 1000x1000px size image, which is the standard output of the image generation algorithms. Along with the image, the text prompt that you used to generate the image.

When is the deadline of the competition?
10st Nov 2022, 5:00 PM CET
Where to send your submission?
We prefer if you make a post on social media with the hashtag #MunchAI.

Send your submission using this link :
How are submissions showcased during the conference?
We will print a selection of the submissions along with their prompts and display them during the conference days at the conference venue.
What is the prize?
This will be a surprise. Expect something nice. Also, with your consent we can use your submission in the future merchandise/communication of NORA. Giving it more visibility.
What are some of the ethical concerns regarding use of image generation tools?
Please consider ethical implications in the use of these image generation tools when participating in this competition. These include, but are not limited to:

Implicit adverse social bias. Consider which implicit biases that might occur in using deep learning techniques to generate images. Do any of these image generation algorithms discriminate? This can be explored consciously in the models and challenged.
Should I visit the Munch Museum?
Yes, we highly encourage you to explore the works of Munch and the artists included in a new exhibition called The Machine Is US!

The conference participants will have an option of visiting MUNCH Muesuem in the evening of day 1 from 17:15 to 18:45 hrs.

Exploring social impacts of new technologies with art can facilitate discussions of how we can be more responsible in the field of AI. Art can also inspire us to get new ideas or enrich our lives in exciting ways.

At Munch they explore a wide range of issues associated with social media manipulation, changes in vision and visibility as the result of digital image technologies, and the role of spirituality in the age of artificial intelligence. The participants at the Nordic AI Meet will get to experience this new exhibition as part of our conference programme.